Become enlightened and empowered with astonishing facts you won't find in the mainstream media. This podcast gives insight into the real meaning of headline AIDS news, shares remarkable personal stories from people directly affected by tests and treatments, and offers thought provoking interviews with doctors and scientists from around the globe who challenge conventional thinking on HIV, AIDS and health.

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Episode 101: Former AIDS Healthcare Foundation Employee Jack Carrel Says It Awarded ‘Kickbacks’ to Keep Patients In-House for Testing, Treatment and Drugs

Even the mainstream AIDS media are abuzz over this one. Three former employees of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) are acting under the federal Whistleblower Act to sue this largest U.S. AIDS medical services provider. At issue is an alleged kickback scheme for patient referrals estimated at $20 million per year.


AHF president Michael Weinstein has answered with the everybody-does-it defense. The rest of the AIDS industry is calling for his head, as it has for the past half-year over his criticism of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). Weinsten has further self-nominated himself as “czar” to police safe sex in the porn industry.

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NEWS UPDATE: Shameless AIDS Paradigm Defenders Stand in Way of Ending ‘HIV Criminalization’

April 23, 2015–Just in time for “Rethinking AIDS Day” a/k/a “AIDS Fraud Day,” the 31st anniversary of the famous press conference announcing a virus as the “probable cause of AIDS,” a group of doctors working for the very same Dr. Robert Gallo are draining the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ) of the resources needed to continue defending the landmark case that has effectively ended “HIV criminalization” in the U.S.


The case of Air Force Technical Sergeant David Gutierrez was the subject of our Episode 97. For more details, see Spanish AIDS rethinker Raul Ehrichs de Palma’s news report and fundraising campaign on Razoo here. We urge you to give as much as you can, and still give even if you can spare only a token amount. Show your support, and we’ll report the amazing groundswell of support on “How Positive Are You.” Yes, that’s right, an amazing groundswell. Get to it!

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“Wow! I am hearing so many things I already knew when i listen to your show, I believe in self healing all the way, but when I got diagnosed i went right on meds because i was so scared! Tommy Morrison & Henry Bauer, i think have just saved my life, I really know this! I HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS! …I want to cry right now and nothing every really brings me to tears even when i am happy… THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

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