XTRA: David Crowe, Celia Farber, Henry Bauer with Gary Null
December 1st, 2011

Dr. Henry Bauer, Celia Farber and David Crowe talk about HIV and AIDS in the lead-up to World AIDS Day 2011 on the Gary Null radio show.

David talks about the history of AIDS, starting in the 1960s when immunsuppressive therapy to prevent rejection of transplants caused KS and PCP, the first two “AIDS” disorders, discovered in 1981 in a few drug-using, young gay men. Dr. Bauer shows how US HIV statistics disprove the AIDS hypothesis. Celia talks about HIV as a “super-human controlling power” or as a negative deity in the popular, political and medical consciousness.

Gary Null and his Progressive Radio Network have been the strongest supporters of questioning the HIV=AIDS dogma in the media for many years both through his radio shows and documentaries.

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