Episode 60: Liam Scheff Takes Apart the ‘Official Stories’
March 24th, 2013

What are “official stories,” and why do we believe them?  Liam Scheff, a long-time AIDS rethinker and self-described “conspiracy realist,” discusses his book, Official Stories, with HPAY co-host Elizabeth ElyIn the process, he sends up the history and “sex myths” of AIDS, tells of his own hilarious, up-close-and-personal experience with HIV testing, investigates why most people fail to question the official versions of events, and reveals which prominent AIDS researcher is an uncle of his.

Scheff is an accomplished investigative reporter, comic-book graphic artist, and commentator on alternative health.  He co-hosts the Robert Scott Bell Show on Internet radio and speaks annually at the Health Freedom Expo.

“Everything in my book, by the way, is in the record,” he says.  He discovered it without any heavy detective work.  Then again, there was that time he went undercover to discover how at least 200 children in a certain orphanage in New York were dying in and after being used as “guinea pigs” in toxic drug studies.  But that’s now in the record, too.  And we’ll get to that. . . .

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