Episode 70: Dissidents Who Have Died – Requiem for a Heavyweight (Part 2) – Trisha Harding Morrison on Tommy Morrison – Was Tommy Ever ‘HIV Positive’?
October 23rd, 2013

Boxer Tommy Morrison didn’t die of “AIDS”!  In this Part 2 of the historic “Requiem for a Heavyweight” series, “How Positive Are You” co-host Elizabeth Ely goes another 10 rounds (well, maybe five, for one hour) with Trisha Harding Morrison on her husband’s recent death at age 44, this time to discuss the recent report of an eminent, HIV-experienced electron microscope lab on blood taken from her husband moments before he died: “The Duke” was carrying no particles resembling “HIV.”  We look at the full evidence that her husband was not “HIV positive” and that others likely are not, too. Morrison was a two-time former heavyweight boxing champion who not only made history in the ring with his dangerous left hook, but also starred as “Tommy Gunn” in the 1990 movie Rocky V. By the time former British tennis pro Trisha met Tommy in 2009, he had already suffered the 1996 sudden end to his career and mid-2000s attempted comeback. Understandably concerned about being exposed to the reportedly deadly “HIV,” Trisha did her own research.  The couple was married in May 2011, only to see Tommy’s troubles escalate soon after.

Said to be “down but not out” after a long string of medical mishaps, drug dependencies and mysterious arrests and imprisonments, Tommy nonetheless succumbed to the knockout punch on September 1, 2013, in Omaha, Nebraska, as his organs failed two days into a medically induced coma.  Causes of death listed on the death certificate included septic shock resulting from a pseudomonas infection of a wound left from a botched surgery in 2011, and Miller-Fisher/Guillain-Barre syndrome (a rare form of paralysis) — with no documented “AIDS”-related conditions.

Tommy Morrison spoke to “How Positive Are You” in February 2010.

Some helpful links relating to this Podcast are Christine Johnson’s list of “Factors Known to Cause False Positive HIV Antibody Test Results,” excerpts from Andrew Maniotis, Ph.D.’s (unedited, yet unpublished) Excerpts from Comparisons of Viral Load Measurements with Actual Counts of Virions at various “viral loads” (which includes Tommy Morrison’s results) and Elizabeth Ely’s summary of “Evidence That Tommy Morrison Was Not ‘HIV Positive’.”  Part 1 details the personal ordeals that Tommy went through, more logically leading to his death than any diagnosis of “AIDS.”

Also mentioned in the interview is this article on “sperm washing.”  The Robert Scott Bell Show also interviewed Trisha in a live radio interview archived here.  To view the electron microscope results from Tommy Morrison’s blood, please click: 2013 Tommy EM Results.


“Episode 70: Dissidents Who Have Died – Requiem for a Heavyweight (Part 2) – Trisha Harding Morrison on Tommy Morrison – Was Tommy Ever ‘HIV Positive’?” comments…
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