Episode 82/Infectious Myth 9: ‘AIDS FRAUD DAY’ DISPATCH: CDC Redefines ‘HIV Infection’ – Without ‘HIV’!
April 23rd, 2014

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of that famous, high-profile press conference announcing “HIV” as the “probable cause of AIDS,” the CDC has recently more quietly redefined what constitutes a diagnosis of “HIV infection,” both as an individual diagnosis and the “surveillance case definition” applied to populations. As you might have guessed, it is whatever-the-heck they say it is. “HIV testing” expert Dr. Rodney Richards answers our questions about this historic redefinition, the demise of the Western blot “confirmatory” test and the rise of the misleadingly named “viral load” testing as a partial diagnostic. Listen in on the conversation, and perhaps you can protect yourself from this egregious abuse of power to label more and more people as infectious Typhoid Marys.  Could this also be a defensive move against recent challenges to “HIV-positive” diagnoses in criminal and civil court cases?

In this joint Episode 9 of “The Infectious Myth” and Episode 82 of “How Positive Are You,” taped live on Gary Null’s Progressive Radio Network, David and Beth take on the logical inconsistencies of HIV testing and diagnosis with some help from Dr. Richards. As an organic chemist and co-founder of biotech company Amgen, Dr. Richards worked on the original HIV testing technology in the early 1980s. His work laid the foundation for the ELISA test eventually marketed by Abbott Laboratories.  “How Positive Are You” Episode 6, posted in October 2008, features Dr. Richards’ comments on how the so-called “HIV tests” really work; we recommend you give it a listen.

More recently, Dr. Richards has testified as an expert witness on behalf of several defendants charged with crimes of “HIV transmission.” His court appearances have came at the invitation of The Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ), which has successfully aided in the defense of more than 50 such cases. The definition of an “HIV” diagnosis is changing just as OMSJ is exposing it as mere hearsay in U.S. military and civilian courtrooms — intentional, or merely coincidental?

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“Episode 82/Infectious Myth 9: ‘AIDS FRAUD DAY’ DISPATCH: CDC Redefines ‘HIV Infection’ – Without ‘HIV’!” comments…
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