Episode 83: Dr. David Simpson on Healing Yourself, Not Your ‘Disease’
May 18th, 2014

Do you have “HIV/AIDS” or any defined “disease”?  Or are you a system out of balance? What would it look like to support your body and immune system rather than shooting at imaginary measurements such as T-cells and “viral load”?  What is a disease, anyway, and do we really need to define, isolate and attack such things?  If we can listen to our bodies in such exquisite detail that we support them back to their natural states of life and health, why don’t more of us know about this highly rational therapy? Join New York City chiropractor Dr. David Simpson as he leads our co-hosts, David Crowe and Elizabeth Ely, on a fascinating inquiry into the nature of the human body and how we might support it. The technology has arrived, and it affirms ancient ideas of healing.

Western medicine emphasizes what is wrong with us, what pathogens we need to fight against — not what we could support with nourishment and life-giving therapies. In short, HIV/AIDS is a death paradigm, not a life one.  Why else would its propaganda have to constantly assure us how life-giving it is, if that’s not obvious?

Your patterns go deeper than just your backache, your digestive issues, or your “HIV” status! The good news is, you can now treat yourself holistically, “as a whole” — on the level of these patterns. Dr. Simpson describes the process of Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), a branch of applied kinesiology as developed by Dr. Freddie Ulan, to find weak organs in the body and literally ask the body what it needs in order to optimize its functions. Applied kinesiology is a decades-old therapy that detects muscular reactions to stresses on the nervous system.  (Dr. Ulan himself demonstrates the use of NRT in this video.)

Get ready for a paradigm shift!  Get ready to live for something, rather than fighting against a disease.

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