Episode 108: Waking Up to the Truth, with New AIDS Rethinker George Borrelli
March 20th, 2016

When confronted with new facts, why do we take so long to change our minds? George Borrelli never imagined a different view of “AIDS” science existed until he stumbled on it while researching alternative cancer theories and treatments.


“This really rocked a belief that I thought was so solid that it could not possibly be wrong,” says the retired engineer. “It was such a fundamental belief. I really didn’t want to accept the possibility that what everyone is saying could possibly be false.”

How did Borrelli come to change his long-held beliefs about AIDS and health, and what would it take to inspire others to question what they hear – whether they are “HIV positive” or not? Indeed, the consequences affect everyone. Borelli reveals to “How Positive Are You” co-host Elizabeth Ely:

  • His many hours spent studying complex scientific papers;
  • The realization that the logic is really quite simple, as “[i]t doesn’t take a whole lot of knowledge to know that if your immunity is depressed, you can catch an AIDS-defined, or any kind of, disease”;
  • Problems with non-specific antibody testing and the tragic absurdity of “viral load” measurements (including Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, who has stated that viral load tests misuse the PCR technology he invented);
  • AIDS drugs as toxic “chemotherapy”; and
  • How he got past his doubts following the deaths of several notable AIDS rethinkers, leading Beth to reveal what is known about how they actually died.

“They’re in the dark, . . . looking for the wrong virus, and then they’re trying to kill the wrong thing with the wrong medicine, and then they’re using the wrong measurement tool [viral load],” Borrelli concludes. “This is a serious problem. It’s cost us billions of dollars. It’s cost us hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of lives worldwide. Why is no one coming forward? Why aren’t [Congressmen] reading [the data]?”

George Borrelli developed a questioning, analytical mind over a long and successful technical and management career in the defense industry. He has applied that discipline to reading nearly a dozen books and studying hundreds of scientific articles on health and medicine. As a lifetime martial artist, he teaches weekly in his own schools and conducts self-defense seminars in government, businesses, and martial arts studios. His interest in martial arts as a spiritual practice has led him to explore healing, including energy healing as a Reiki master, and to speak at local churches and organizations. He lives and works with his wife on a small horse ranch in Colorado.


Borrelli’s interest in the topic caught our attention on the Amazon customer reviews page for Joan Shenton’s new edition of the book Positively False: Exposing the Myths Around HIV and Aids – 16th Anniversary Edition. (We interview Shenton in Episodes 33 and 72. Her organization’s very useful Web site is here.)

“Whistleblower” and former AIDS Healthcare Foundation Jack Carrell’s admission on our Podcast that the AHF targets poor urban populations and racial minorities for testing to raise the proportion of HIV-positive test results obtained, as mentioned in this discussion, appears in Episode 101.

There is no test for this; that’s where I come out on it,” says Beth. Not exactly; a “blood analysis” service is expected to open soon. In responding to a “feedback” e-mail on one listener’s distressing loss of privacy after testing HIV positive, Beth mentioned this company, Viral Forensics. Those interested in this “second opinion” on their HIV status may e-mail this startup biotech company at howpositiveareyou@viralforensics.com for more information.

Regarding our dead friends in this movement, we invite others to look into the other possible reasons for their deaths – other than refusing or stopping treatment with toxic drugs. HPAY co-founder Christine Maggiore confronted a medical consultant involved in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode that misrepresented Christine’s life in Episode 11. Christine’s autopsy is mentioned here. Joe Stokely recalled the struggles of late wife Karri Stokely in Episode 67, and her own video, mentioned here, is viewable here. We interviewed Gos Blank (a/k/a Charles Rich) in Episode 45 and posted a notice of his death as of November 3, 2013. We have not yet given Greek journalist Maria Pappagiannidou’s story, but her courage was honored in a “Greek Woman of the Year” award in 2006.

Their departures have left big holes in our hearts, but we acknowledge that deaths happen among those following mainstream approaches as well. Many rethinkers/dissidents have long histories of damaging treatments.

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