XTRA: “‘Watered-Down’ AIDS Drugs Story Hides the Clinton Foundation’s Worse Crimes Against Humanity,” at ‘The Truth Barrier’
September 29th, 2016

September 29, 2016–In a story published HERE today in “The Truth Barrier,” “How Positive Are You” co-host Elizabeth Ely responds to the already-established, but false, meme of “watered-down drugs.” This is a rare glimpse behind the “emotional blackmail” of AIDS propaganda and into the Clinton Foundation’s “partnerships” in the Third World.


It’s “not a pretty thing when you look into it much.” So wrote Joseph Conrad about the conquest of colonial Africa, nearly 100 years ago. (Please help fund “The Truth Barrier’s” journalism of this type HERE.)


Beth finds, in a recent Congressional report and elsewhere . . .

  • Evidence that the Foundation has been “inventing fake AIDS epidemics around the world” and using the “stigma of HIV” to make customers of cast-out members of tribes and families;
  • Bill Clinton’s use of his former position of U.S. president to create future markets for drugs for which he himself would broker deals with foreign generic drug companies;
  • The shocking toxicity of even the brand-name drugs used to treat AIDS worldwide, let alone fraudulently tested generics;
  • A scheme to “pump” the value of drug companies that provide drugs to PEPFAR and other programs, only to help “dump” them before the bad drugs are discovered; and
  • Fraudulent “memoranda of understanding” with fictional Clinton entities to create “partnerships” with foreign governments to fight “AIDS” in poorer areas;
  • Clinton friends’ not-so-coincidental exploitation of mineral reserves and other business opportunities in allegedly AIDS-stricken countries.

Sadly, the Congressional report downplayed the effects of fake AIDS epidemics. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) did, however, express her condolences to “health care workers” and “the emotional state of the patients” in receiving the alleged watered-down drugs.

Fact-checking site “Politifact” debunked the watered-down drugs idea. Being a pro-Clinton news source, it did not, of course, investigate the hidden atrocities that actually occurred.

The Truth Barrier” is published by former HPAY co-host and accomplished AIDS journalist Celia Farber. It is an honor to publish there, and we urge our listeners to support her efforts with a pledge of at least $5 to $10 per month, by clicking HERE.

Update, November 2, 2016 — The Guardian‘s U.S. Briefing informs us of “The $100bn gold mine and the West Papuans who say they are counting the cost” — including a “genocidal” loss of life and abuse of human rights. Not surprisingly, however, The Guardian moralistically sniffs that miners sleeping with prostitutes are pushing “HIV rates in the region” to “‘epidemic’ proportions.” West Papua isn’t the same country as Papua New Guinea, but rather, a part of Indonesia. The template for blaming and stigmatizing the natives continues just the same. Given the typical modus operandi of Clinton Foundation friends seen here, dare we even guess that they might be involved here as well? . . . Yes, the “conquest of the earth” is “not a pretty thing when you look at it much.” (Joseph Campbell, Heart of Darkness.)

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