November 22nd, 2015

Actor Charlie Sheen revealed his HIV status this week. The last time we checked, having sex while positive was no longer a felony, drugs and alcohol caused false positives, and kissing on TV didn’t transmit “HIV.” Why do the media assume otherwise?


“How Positive Are You” co-host Elizabeth Ely looks at the Sheen revelations from a new angle by asking a different set of questions. Read on …

November 2nd, 2015

November 2, 2015 — A leading critic of “open access” academic journals has cited the publication of an article on HIV dissidence in Frontiers in Public Health as one reason he has questioned that publisher’s integrity. Texas A&M Professor Patricia Goodson talked with “How Positive Are You” about the uproar over that article in its Episode 98 of March 11, 2015.


Was Frontiers singled out for its willingness to publish controversial views? Read on …

October 21st, 2015

October 21, 2015—We got to this too late, but we’ve been busy curing “HIV” by showing you how to find out that it isn’t in your blood in the first place and raising a fuss about the test you took that might not be telling the truth. While we weren’t looking, docu-series The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest went “live” in nightly episodes since October 15, free of charge, at its Web site. We assume it will be available for purchase thereafter. But there’s still time to catch the first two and last two episodes for free by signing up here.


It turns out that the same people, with the same line of reasoning, who invented “AIDS” were the ones who never won the War on Cancer. The cancer-and-AIDS systems’ most famous critic, Dr. Peter Duesberg, noticed both scientific failures in 1987 and 1988; the rest is history — in the AIDS Rethinking movement of which we are a part.


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October 14th, 2015

A positive “HIV test” is a life-shattering event. Therefore, test accuracy matters and Dr. David Rasnick is doing something about itHis biotech startup, Viral Forensics, will soon offer “HIV positives” with recent “viral load” results a glimpse of their blood under an electron microscope. Does it contain “particles resembling HIV”?


Consider a viral load result that comes up in the millions. With this many particles in your blood, “we should be able to see it,” says Dr. David Rasnick. If they don’t . . . are you ready for this? . . . you may not be infected at all. Read on …

October 14th, 2015

October 2015–Accurate diagnosis matters. We at “How Positive Are You” are extremely concerned about the life-changing diagnoses of “HIV positive” and “AIDS” that people are receiving, based on tests for surrogate markers including antibodies and genetic sequences. Because of our concern, we will post later today an interview with Dr. David Rasnick of the biotechnology firm Viral Forensics. Viral Forensics will offer our listeners and others a way to check their “viral load” tests against findings of “particles resembling HIV” under an electron microscope, as interpreted by a licensed pathologist. (To obtain a blood analysis by Viral Forensics, see the bottom of this editorial.)


The commercially available tests for “HIV positivity” or “viral load” have never been validated to the presence of live, infectious virus in human blood. Read on …

October 6th, 2015

Ever wonder what happens to those medical and law-enforcement professionals who get jabbed with needles, spat on or bitten by “HIV-positive” patients, suspects and others? “How Positive Are You” co-host and Rethinking AIDS president David Crowe used his position on Internet radio show “The Infectious Myth” to interview former sheriff’s deputy Edmond McNack, last visited by HPAY in April 2010, in an Episode that has unfortunately lost its audio. (You can still read a useful summary on the Episode page.) Read on …

May 18th, 2015

Whether you’re “HIV positive” or “HIV negative,” the day will likely come when you seek a medical doctor’s opinion on a health condition. Just how independent from flawed official standards of care will that doctor’s judgment be? Are doctors allowed to think independently at all? Will they “first, do no harm,” as the Hippocratic Oath pledges? “How Positive Are You” co-host Elizabeth Ely asks Drs. Jane Orient and Donald Miller these vital questions and more. You’ll learn about the dire, Kafka-esque situation in American medicine that the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) and Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (DDP) would like to improve.

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April 24th, 2015

Even the mainstream AIDS media are abuzz over this one. Three former employees of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) are acting under the federal Whistleblower Act to sue this largest U.S. AIDS medical services provider. At issue is an alleged kickback scheme for patient referrals estimated at $20 million per year.


AHF president Michael Weinstein has answered with the everybody-does-it defense. The rest of the AIDS industry is calling for his head, as it has for the past half-year over his criticism of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). Weinsten has further self-nominated himself as “czar” to police safe sex in the porn industry.

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April 23rd, 2015

April 23, 2015–Just in time for “Rethinking AIDS Day” a/k/a “AIDS Fraud Day,” the 31st anniversary of the famous press conference announcing a virus as the “probable cause of AIDS,” a group of doctors working for the very same Dr. Robert Gallo are draining the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ) of the resources needed to continue defending the landmark case that has effectively ended “HIV criminalization” in the U.S.


The case of Air Force Technical Sergeant David Gutierrez was the subject of our Episode 97. For more details, see Spanish AIDS rethinker Raul Ehrichs de Palma’s news report and fundraising campaign on Razoo here. We urge you to give as much as you can, and still give even if you can spare only a token amount. Show your support, and we’ll report the amazing groundswell of support on “How Positive Are You.” Yes, that’s right, an amazing groundswell. Get to it!