April 8th, 2014

David Crowe interviews Liam Scheff about what this journalist and author calls “Official Stories.”

Liam’s 2012 book, Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need, states: “Official stories exist to protect officials.” Liam is a critic of many myths of modern society, seeing science as a force that promotes myths with the fervor of a religion. Liam also talks about the Incarnation Children’s Center orphanage scandal in New York City, a story that Liam broke 10 years ago, in which the city used poor children as guinea pigs in highly profitable pharmaceutical AIDS drug trials.

The conversation ranges from the incomprehensibly enormous time and space of the universe to questions of the incomprehensible smallness of viruses.

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April 5th, 2014

Mark Skanda describes himself as a professional masseur, change agent, pleasure activist, life coach, selective and sacred sex educator,  and even sometimes a sex worker, currently working and playing in New York City. He talks here with “How Positive Are You” co-hosts David Crowe and Elizabeth Ely about what it means to explore the ”Tantric Tiger” in all of us. We invite you to listen in on this fascinating, challenging and playful discussion that shifts the conversation from “safe sex” to the health benefits of feeling safe in the arms of a lover. . . . Let’s get it on.

Skanda is that guy featured as author Pamela Madsen‘s guide through the Sacred Intimacy movement in her book Shameless: How I Ditched the Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure . . . and Still Got Home in Time to Cook Dinner. He describes the book as “Eat Pray Love meets Sex and the City meets Funny Girl.”

Skanda became certified as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker in 2008 after studying with Dr. Joseph Kramer at the Institute for Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. He also trained in various workshops and certification programs, including Landmark Education as the successor to Werner Erhard’s groundbreaking “est” movement, rebirthing, tantric bodywork and shiatsu massage, the Coaches Training Institute and Coachville, The Mankind Project, and yoga.

Skanda is currently hosting twice monthly lecture/discussions on “Tantric Basics” for men who love men, and on alternate weeks he co-hosts erotic exploration and play parties, donating part of the proceeds to organizations that encourage AIDS rethinking – including, soon, “How Positive Are You.” He can be contacted through his “Tantric Tiger” Web site.

Along the way in this conversation, we bring up Ian Young’s description of the St. Sebastian myth as it applies to gay sexuality and identity from The Stonewall Experiment.  Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth gets a brief mention for its insight into body image among women.

A previous episode with Liam Scheff discusses, among other things, women’s socializing effect on men, and we thank Liam for his insight into the recent criminal verdict against Atlanta man Craig Lamar Davis for allegedly using his “HIV” as a sexual “deadly weapon.” This trial was the subject of Episode 78 with the private investigator for the defense, Clark Baker. A separate story about another man allegedly having infected 30 people, is published here. (Special thanks to the listener who sent this in; please give us your feedback at mailto:info@howpositiveareyou.com.) Need we even mention how alarming it is that “HIV positives” are being charged with crimes merely for having sex?

If you are interested further in the subject of “safe sex” and its side effects, we invite you to check out Episode 80 with Dr. James DeMeo.

April 3rd, 2014

On Episode 3 of “The Infectious Myth,” David talks with Professor Peter Gøtzsche, head of the Cochrane Institute in Denmark, about mammography and corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, based on his two recent books.

Peter explains how his 2012 book, Mammography Screening: Truth, Lies and Controversy, dismantles the myth that mammography is beneficial. He further asserts that mammography leads to over-diagnosis and severe anxiety in women, even those whose false alarm is later withdrawn, and has never been shown to result in any reduction in the overall death rate for women.

His 2013 book, Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare, has a strong title but one that is justified by the U.S. government definition of organized crime. Pharmaceutical companies have been fined billions of dollars for illegal behavior and are still getting away with literal murder. Although surveys show that the general public do not trust drug companies, they do trust their doctors. So drug companies can lavish attention (money) on doctors, knowing that their patients will believe that their doctors offer an independent opinion about the value of drugs. Peter explains that this is a myth, that most doctors get most information about drugs from pharmaceutical companies. Drug companies also manipulate research by suppressing studies that show a negative result and promoting research that shows a positive result, even if that research is biased.

So that this discussion is not too depressing, at the end David asks Dr. Gøtzsche for ideas on how individuals can protect themselves from a corrupt and deadly system.

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March 26th, 2014

A mysterious virus seems a much simpler explanation for Africa’s complex problems than the legacy of colonial and post-colonial interference, displacement and resource exploitation.  David Crowe and Dr. Charles Geshekter talk about the true causes of health problems in Africa, but obviously have to talk about the myth of ‘HIV.’

March 15th, 2014

Every conversation about “AIDS” eventually gets around to the dangers of getting it on. Is sex really unsafe at any speed? Unsafe for whom? What does love have to do with it? Amazingly, the answers to these questions have been around for more than 60 years, in the work of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Dr. James DeMeo is furthering this important research at his Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL) — and no, it’s not pornographic and you can’t watch. You can, however, listen in as Dr. DeMeo and “How Positive Are You” co-host Elizabeth Ely talk about electrical discharges, love, the healing powers of a sexual energy called “orgone,” orgone accumulator boxes, and the energy of life itself.

According to the “sex-economic” hypothesis and other theories advanced by Dr. Reich in The Mass Psychology of Fascismtraumatic and sex-repressive social institutions create fearful people and fascist societies. Dr. DeMeo validated this theory by undertaking the most ambitious global, cross-cultural research study of human behavior, family systems, and sexual life to-date. This study led to his discovery of an ancient epoch of drought, desertification, famine and mass migration in the Old World after about 4000 B.C. — which he named Saharasia. His book, also called Saharasia, locates the origins of human violence in traumatic and sex-repressive social institutions in that place and time.

While working toward his 1986 doctorate at the University of Kansas, Dr. DeMeo had already rigorously tested the controversial discoveries of Dr. Reich and had found them to be sound. He even used orgone technology in the arid American Southwest, Egypt, Israel, and sub-Saharan Africa, literally causing it to rain in the desert.

Other published books by Dr. DeMeo include The Orgone Accumulator Handbook and In Defense of Wilhelm Reich.  He has also edited several academic books, has served on the geography faculty of several universities, and is a member of many prestigious scientific associations.

In the course of our discussion, we also mention HPAY Episode 74, featuring Dawn Lester and David Parker talking about Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You. The Culture of Narcissism by Christopher Lasch explains what we mean by “narcissism.” For information about the Gerson therapy for cancer, see the documentary film Dying to Have Known. (For another view on sex, stay tuned for our talk about the “Tantric Tiger” philosophy in our upcoming Episode 81 with Mark Skanda.)

Resources on Wilhelm Reich, sexual freedom, and orgone energy include several books and articles accessible to lay readers. An excellent place to start is The Function of the Orgasm, as much a memoir/history as an explanation of the research from the Freudian to the discovery of orgone energy. Selected Writings: An Introduction to Orgonomy details the experiments themselves. “The Sexual Rites of Youth” appears as an essay in Children of the Future: On the Prevention of Sexual Pathology. The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Construction Plans, Experimental Use, and Protection Against Toxic Energy explains how to collect the energy that the U.S. government concluded didn’t actually exist (and had, therefore, to destroy the machines that made it). More complex but still readable is The Cancer Biopathyconcerning Dr. Reich’s findings on cancer.

Listeners can check the “Resources” page at the “OrgoneLab” Web site for further writings, scholarly journals, and independent practitioners of orgone therapy. The American College of Orgonomy and the Institute for Orgonomic Science are the two main professional organizations in the field.

March 5th, 2014

David Crowe has a new weekly live internet radio show on Gary Null’s Progressive Radio Network.

In this first show David discusses science, as he has experienced it. He particularly focusses on the issue of uncertainty in all sciences, but particularly in the biological sciences, and the contradiction that occurs when medicine tries to promote their products as certain … tests certain to diagnose correctly, drugs certain to cure and not kill.

March 1st, 2014

German filmmaker Anne Sono directed I Won’t Go Quietly, a 2012 documentary about several women who questioned their “HIV-positive” labels and refused to take AIDS drugs. Anne talks with “How Positive Are You” co-host Elizabeth Ely about AIDS authorities’ ongoing attack on families, mothers and nature itself. How much of AIDS rethinking should be a fight against something, and what does it mean to come from a place of “inner strength”? How can our listeners and experts help families in these situations?

Join us as we explore these questions and others. At the time of taping, Sylvie, a mother from Geneva, Switzerland, was fighting to regain medical custody of her infant. (The outcome went against the family; it lacks resources to continue the legal fight.) Barbara Seebald‘s recent victory in her appeal against the Austrian authorities inspires hope; however, she still seeks custody of one of her children, Muriel, featured in the film and now five years old.

Anne is an independent filmmaker and owner of Blue Bell Media. She has a degree in economics and has worked as a business manager and economist for film production companies and alternative schools. One of these schools she founded herself.

I Won’t Go Quietly (short version in English here; British filmmaker Joan Shenton‘s review here)  features, in addition to Seebald’s story, the stories of Americans Karri StokelyLindsey Nagel (now the mother of Baby Rico, the subject of Episode 61), Norwegian Line Halstad and two Russian women — one of whom was murdered the night of the film’s premiere, with no evidence so far that this was related to her testimony in the film.  (See “Requiem for Tamara.”)

In the years preceding this groundbreaking documentary, Anne made four other films: . . . Denn Ich Werde Gelebt Haben (Then I Shall Have Lived), about two women diagnosed with breast cancer at a very young age; Dream School; School Is Over; and Ship of Fools, about the German anti-psychiatric movement. Anne gratefully accepts donations and other forms of support for her work.

Mentioned in this Podcast is Dr. Christian Fiala, whom we interviewed in Episode 77. Information about the songwriter and musicians for I Won’t Go Quietly is available here.

You can arrange a screening of I Won’t Go Quietly, for instance at cinemas, vegetarian restaurants, associations, or on TV. It is currently enjoying growing interest in France, and volunteers have made it available in nine languages. To schedule a screening, contact Anne and order a DVD here. As far as she knows, this film has never been shown publicly in the U.S.; your event might very well be its American premiere, and “How Positive Are You” would help publicize it if you let us know.

A British premiere is planned for April 25, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. at the School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, Khalili Lecture Theatre, lower ground floor of main college building, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London. A panel discussion with Anne and award-winning journalist Joan Shenton will follow the screening. See the event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/273556852799847/.

Watch this space for updates on Anne’s next project, a film about mainstream cancer treatments and their risks. Please support this project by visiting here.

February 17th, 2014

On January 21, 2014 — the day after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day — a jury in Atlanta found African-American Craig Lamar Davis guilty of two counts of aggravated assault for not telling his sexual partners that he had tested “HIV positive” in 2005. Three expert witnesses had testified as to how inaccurate and illogical HIV testing is, and Davis’ doctors and lab each admitted that they had not adequately diagnosed him. The jury did not explain this contradiction. Clark Baker of the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ) talks about his organization’s involvement in the case and what the verdict means, going forward.

Calling Davis’ alleged HIV infection a “deadly weapon,” Clayton County Prosecutor Kathryn Powers did her best to whip up AIDS-related fears and phobias. That was enough to convince a jury conditioned by more than 30 years of AIDS propaganda — much of it aimed at African-Americans. Not even OMSJ’s expert scientific witnesses Rodney Richards, Ph.D.; David Rasnick, Ph.D.; and Nancy Turner Banks, M.D. could stop the madness. Davis now faces up to 20 years in prison, with sentencing scheduled for February 21.

David and Beth note the similarities  between this trial and the July 2013 trial of Nushawn Williams in Upstate New York. “How Positive Are You” interviewed Ithaca College Professor Thomas Shevory, author of Notorious HIV:The Media Spectacle of Nushawn Williamsin Episode 64.

With a mission “to protect and defend the victims and witnesses of medical and scientific corruption,” Baker founded OMSJ as a California licensed private investigation agency in 2009. Before becoming the organization’s CEO and principal investigator, he had served his country in the United States Marine Corps and retired from a distinguished career in the Los Angeles Police Department. OMSJ’s HIV Innocence Group has assisted in the defense of more than 50 criminal cases, with all but four resulting in favorable plea agreements, acquittal, or the withdrawal of all HIV-related charges. The Letterhead Project and Scarlet Letter help alleged HIV positives document their misdiagnoses.

One of the prosecution’s witnesses, Courtney Shelton, M.D., of Atlanta Medical Center, is listed on ProPublica’s “Dollars for Docs” database receiving gifts from a pharmaceutical company. Dr. Shelton admitted on the stand that he never actually diagnosed Davis as having HIV. In Baker’s estimation, ”roughly 90% of all HIV-positive results were probably never diagnosed, because a test result is not a diagnosis.  Doctors and clinics sidestep this fact by using what Baker calls a “psychologically manipulative script” that moves the conversation quickly from an alleged test result to seeking “supportive” friends and outing sexual partners.

View a thought-provoking analysis of the trial by Liam Scheff here. Sign up for OMSJ’s newsletter to stay informed on these issues.

February 2nd, 2014

Lack of scientific rigor, a business model based on rushing a vaccine to the market without long-term safety testing, hysterical risk/benefit assumptions around an emotionally charged and highly dangerous disease — does this sound familiar?  Did we forget to mention, enormous profits?  A campaign is well underway, to declare the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) a leading cause of cervical cancer and promote the Gardasil vaccine against it.  It’s “HIV 2.0,” as noted Viennese gynecologist and Rethinking AIDS board member Dr. Christian Fiala calls it.

RA and Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society President David Crowe leads an uncommonly specific, scientific and rational conversation on this controversial topic, which Katie Couric recently covered on her ABC talk show, Katie.  Even the mainstream “experts” state that everyone should seek an “informed decision” on whether to get vaccinated, so let’s get informed already. . . .

Fourteen years after the media announced HPV with great fanfare, sexism and logical inconsistencies in an article by Dr. Jerome Groopman in The New Yorker, the basic question remains: Does HPV cause cervical cancer?  Dr. Fiala examines the evidence for causation versus “association” and finds it lacking and unconvincing.  Yet, based on a small, mostly speculative benefit against cancer, we are urged to vaccinate children as young as 11 years of age — what “How Positive Are You” co-host Elizabeth Ely calls here “the sacrifice of the virgins.”

We were surprised to learn that even noted AIDS dissident scientist and fellow RA board member Dr. Peter Duesberg has published a paper on the topic (excerpted here under “HPV and Cancer”) as part of his continuing research into chromosomal factors in cancer (aneuploidy).  And David quotes the CDC’s own Web page on just how “rare” the serious and/or fatal effects of Gardasil aren’t.  (“The 1 to 10% rate of reporting adverse events is from other sources, but I’ve seen that several times, for example, as a disclaimer at the bottom of every page of a Canadian adverse reaction report,” he says.)

Big pharma Merck has even managed to float a propaganda campaign to take a weakness of the vaccine – a mere five years of data on cancer prevention and debilitating side effects studied so far — and turn it into a strength by recommending re-vaccination every five years.  (Ka-ching!)

Meanwhile, we’ve been getting some strong reactions to a recent Podcast, Episode 74 on Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill & Drugs Can’t Cure You.  See more excerpts from the online discussion here.  David and Beth briefly discuss this feedback and invite further comments by e-mailing info@howpositiveareyou.com or posting at our Facebook page, “How positive are you?“.

CENSORSHIP ALERT!: The first two Katie interviews linked above are — shockingly — difficult to find on the show’s Web site and have either disappeared from, or drifted far down on, Google search results.  We think that’s a good enough reason for our listeners to share them far and wide, don’t you?  We provide them again for your convenience:

These two interviews, with mothers and daughters, are no longer searchable:
Is the HIV Vaccine Safe?
Was the HPV Vaccine Responsible for One Girl’s Death?

However, a third interview, with a government “expert,” appears prominently on the show’s home page.  Sadly, this expert spouts statistics without mentioning how they were arrived at, lacks any scientific context as to causation, and urges parents “to have a good conversation about the vaccines and to get them“:
HPV Vaccine Conversation Continued

Couric had visited the Gardasil controversy before.  Famous American gynecologist and natural-hormones advocate Dr. Christiane Northrup reacted eloquently to a 2009 CBS News report, and also provided advice for preventing cervical cancer.  Be well!